A Musical and Motivational Program for Youth

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S.T.R.O.N.G. was created to encourage and empower youth to go after their dreams, in a healthy and positive way no matter what confronts them. The program is a combination of motivational speaking with a live musical performance.


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S.T.R.O.N.G. is a Non-Profit 501.c (3) organization.  Please consider making a donation.  We greatly appreciate your show of support.  Click below to visit the GoFundMe page where you can make your donation securely thru PayPal.

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‘The Voice’ contestant JessLee, of Stuart, shares powerful message about being yourself:

“Be patient and know that you’ll end up where you want to end up, no matter how long it takes. You can come from anywhere and be anything.” Read Article


Choosing to make the one and only life we have on this earth the best it can possibly be by remaining mentally, physically & spiritual diligent no matter what obstacles stand in the way.




Mind Body Spirit






Give Up


For It !

Musical and Motivational Program for Youth

JessLee uses her love and passion for Music & Muscles™ with her life experiences to spread her S.T.R.O.N.G.© message to young people. She engages with them by sharing music and true stories of her own struggles and successes to teach them to dream and believe without limits!

Dream – Believe – No Limits

Throughout the program, JessLee delivers a motivational and inspirational, message. JessLee chose specific cover songs to perform that not only relate to the youth but also energize excitement for their future. She also performs her original song “Strong” which is the theme song, she wrote specifically for this program.

This program was designed to empower young people to go after their passions and dreams. JessLee uses her own passion of singing, song writing and music performance to inspire young people while sharing her own personal life story and motivating them to enjoy the journey while they create their own story, the way they want it written. The mission of the program is to teach young people, early in life, about: Choosing to make the one and only life they have on this earth the best it can possibly be no matter what obstacles stand in the way by remaining mentally, physically and spiritual diligent. Dream-Believe-No Limits!
Making A Difference

Inspiring Youth

JessLee poses with the kids

Keeping it healthy

Believe in Yourself

You are in charge of your health and  fitness. It’s up to YOU to make this one life you have on earth the best it can possibly be!

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